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Asbestos In Your Home

Asbestos is generally a mineral fiber that you can identify only by using a specific microscope. Lots of these fibers are present worldwide. There were many items in which the fibers were added, providing fire resistance and heat insulation in old times. The inspectors will help you to deal with these conditions.

The exposure to these fibers was most commonly seen in shipyards and several factories. But are they dangerous? When you breathe incredible levels of asbestos, there is a high risk of lung cancer. The cancer is like mesothelioma in the abdominal cavity and lining of the chest. Moreover, the lungs feature inflammation of the fibrous tissue. The number of fibers inhaled is directly proportional to the chance of lung cancer. Why Risk your health? Hire Roof To Floor Home Inspection!

Moreover, smokers have a high chance of getting cancer when they inhale the fibers. The symptoms don’t appear immediately after exposure to these fibers. There is a high need to opt for a home inspection to remove them from your home.

Areas of your home where you will find asbestos 

Many siding shingles and lots of roofs feature cement, which includes a large number of these fibers.

Houses built in old times like the ones in 1950 include such insulations. 

The patching components and the pain texture which people use on ceiling and walls sometimes consist of these fibers.

 In gas-fired places and several artificial ashes, there is a high chance of featuring these fibers. 

 In the many past, products like stove pads may constitute these compounds. 

Walls around the wood-burning stoves along with walls sometimes contain asbestos paper and cement sheets.

You will also find these fibers in many vinyl tiles and vinyl adhesives or sheet flooring.

Hot water pipes in the old home may include these fibers as a coating material or even as a tape. 

Coal and oil furnaces along with gaskets include this kind of insulation

Tips to remove asbestos from your home 

Surprisingly enough, the United States banned these fibers, and there is less use of these today. But wait! Some home materials still feature this material. There are various tips to remove such fibers from your home. 

Ensure materials are in good condition, you can also check out our other information on home inspection here on our blog page.

It depends on the time when you built your home because it might already constitute these fibers. There are many options available to remove fibers from your home, depending on the condition and the location where it is present. 

Avoid using a material containing such fibers.

If you don’t want these fibers to ruin, your house try using materials without these fibers. 

Despite knowing where the fibers are present and their quantity, you can hire a professional inspector to let you know how to remove them properly. They will also tell you how to avoid the release of these fibers in the air. A professional will have all the excellent tools and respirators to keep the house safe from its effects.

Are you annoyed with asbestos in your home? Well, no need to worry as we have got your back. Our survey team will help you remove the present fibers from your home.