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Bad Electrical Wiring

Bad electrical wiring in your home can cause expensive repairs, injuries, and even a loss of life. Roof To Floor Home Inspection is here to stop this from happening, call today! (254)423-1070. Here you can see our blog post from yesterday also a great informative read.

Smoke or Discolouration

The first tall tale sign of bad electrical wiring in your home is smoke marks or a yellowish/brownish discoloration around the plug socket. Signs of this nature mean either A.) the socket has bad wiring and is becoming too hot while in use or B.) the socket has been overloaded at some point and the charge coming through has caused the point to grow too hot. Both can cause an electrical fire in the house and as such, should be repaired immediately and not used until it is. If you see smoke rising from a socket while in use, carefully turn it off and disconnect the plug, taking great care not to burn or shock yourself. Call an electrician to examine the point and make any repairs if necessary.

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Frayed Wires or Cracked Housing

The second sign of bad electrical wiring in your home comes through directly observing the wires. Wires are housed in a protective sheath and over time the sheath can crack, exposing the wires beneath. Without protection, the wires can fray. Both can occur through time, negligence, or tampering. Wires that are either frayed or have visible wear on the housing can cause electrical shocks. Call an electrician to get them either replaced or repaired. Electric shocks can be fatal.


A good way to check for bad electrical wiring in your home is to replace old bulbs with new ones and see if they light up to the luminosity stated on the pack. If they don’t, it is a sign of defective wiring. Use another bulb at the same point and if it happens again, it is the wiring. Be sure to take care as you do this and isolate the light while the wiring is awaiting repair or replacement. 


If you find your breaker box is constantly shutting off to protect from surges, it is a suspect sign of bad electrical wiring in your home. However, it could be a sign of a defective device. The one way to tell is to unplug everything and plug one item in at a time to see if the breaker trips again. If it trips with only one item and continues to do so with that item, it is the item that is defective and not the wiring. If, on the other hand, the breaker trips, it is likely a sign of bad electrical wiring in your home and an electrician needs to call out.

Alternatively, you can pay to get your items PAT tested each year to guarantee safe usage. A PAT test tests the output of electricity the item uses and will detect any faults with the electric current.

The above signs are the most common symptoms of bad electrical wiring in your home. If you experience any of these or notice the signs, do not try to repair the fault yourself unless you are a fully trained electrician.Call us now!!!

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