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When building a home, many owners prefer quality assurance and peace of mind, correct? Here’s a big YES! You have heard that right.  The last thing that a homeowner will listen to when they move into the house is that there is an issue which they could have identified during the whole construction process. Once paint covers the wall, only a Superman with his X-ray eye can examine that the plumbing, wiring, or framing is not installed accurately. There are lots of ways to discover these issues. But wait! You know you will get to know about the problem when extensive damage is done, costing you much more than you ever imagine. 

 There are various kinds of home inspections available to inspect the building and your home during the construction process. Unless there are some mitigating circumstances, a home inspection is a need for many homeowners. It is the best idea to inspect each phase of the construction process to catch the issues or problems quickly. Moreover, it will allow the accessible constructions to be made before the next construction process begins. It makes the entire inspection process more reliable than ever. 

There are lots of inspections made during the construction process. The most common phase inspections include:


The foundation of your home will be inspected.

You will need to perform this inspection after the footers and trenches are dug along with the pipe, and metal casings or the liners need to be put in place. The entire measurements of the width and the length of footings are then verified. Moreover, it would be best to examine the tension cables, beams, and metal-rebar for correct connections and placements.  


The inspection needs to be performed before the interior wall and other drywall covering, installed during the construction process. The inspectors will make the following inspections:

Inspect the fire blocking, truss ties, and the anchor bolts 

Inspect the HVAC systems and other duct situations

Examine the wall penetrations, sealants, exterior walls, windows, and other sealing’s 

Look at the lighting fixtures and other electrical exteriors.

They will take a closer look at the air handler drain and other overflow drainage lines.

Inspect the plumbing wires and other electrical wires through the house system 

Inspect the connectors reliably. 

Examine the defective, misplaced, and other warped issues during the construction

When you are building a home, there is a foremost need for an inspection. Nothing can be worse when you move into a new home, and there are lots of technical issues in different systems. 

Final Inspection. Or you can always contact us and we can take of it for you!   

Once the construction is complete, you will need to consult this inspection. The inspection must be coordinated according to the builder’s schedule, making sure that the entire systems are ready and suitable for occupation. What’s the catch? It will save you from any unnecessary repairs later on. 

 It is crucial to inspect the entire home during the construction process to verify that electrical, plumbing, and structural systems are installed correctly. Consult our team to get the most reliable inspection in your home.

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