Roof To Floor Home Inspections

Different Types Of Home Inspections

Have you ever noticed going to a doctor for a regular checkup? They only focus on the symptoms and then refer you to the corresponding specialist to treat the issue. Well, that’s the same with the home inspection. A specialized person can diagnose the problem occurring in one inspection type. We are certified pros, give us a call today! 

Nowadays, maximum buyers ask for a complete inspection before making a purchase and trust me, that’s true. You will see a home inspector as a generalist who will inspect the specialized areas telling you where several issues occur. Let us dive in and talk about the type of inspections well-known for covering the entire home from the top towards the bottom.

Roof Inspection

Roof maintenance can save owners from spending a hefty amount every year throughout the lifespan. Whose work is this? Here a roofing contractor will help you cope up with the issue. He will carefully examine if there are any signs of damage or leakage in the ceilings or roofs. They let the homeowners identify if there is mold growth causing wood rotting. 

Moreover, they also do a drone inspection while using an infrared scanner to see whether there is escaping the heat or not.

Chimney inspection

These inspections assess to see whether the fireplace or the chimney are venting correctly or not. Despite being accessed, they will tell you if the motor is decaying or cracked up. What else? If there is a massive buildup of burning wood that can somehow combust later on. The benefit is that it won’t allow the fire or odor to seep inside when you plan to enjoy the fireplace on a cold afternoon.

Pest or termite inspection

So let’s get down to it! When pest inspection, the inspector examines the property’s interior and exterior to locate the signs of damage, infestation, or even pest-friendly areas. The inspectors may take readings from the moisture using a meter and look for signs like wing piles, moist wood, mud tubes, damaged wood, etc. 

HVAC System 

Do you know HVAC inspection is the most accessible way to know how the homeowner has maintained his home? It will help you know what the quality of the cooling and heating system is. The significant system failure cause is the ignored and dirty HVAC system. When inspecting, the inspector will examine the heat pumps, air filter, thermostat condition, installation quality, electric connection, and safety controls. Sounds impressive, right?

Electrical inspection 

And you know what? The electrical method is a crucial part of protecting your family. The 4th significant cause of fire in the home is the lighting and electrical distribution. An electrical inspector will check the exposed wirings, improperly attached panels, ungrounded switches, split wires, and other obstacles that may occur due to the risk. 

Our team surveys the house and generates an impactful report regarding your home inspection, which allows you to maintain the entire home to a much greater extent and ultimately attract buyers. Moreover, you will get a specialized inspector to let you know which type of inspection is most need