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How To Detect Termites!

Termites can cause very expensive damage to your home. Roof To Floor Home Inspection has certified wood destroying insect inspectors, call today! (254)-423-1070. There are maximum chances that when figuring it out in your home, there may be termite issue. It would be best to get a termite investigation from an expert to get the most desired results.  Termite inspections measure the circumstances which are always making the property exposed to wood bugs and recognize several approaches to limit the dangers these termites can cause to your home. 

If you have seen any termite action indications, we will recommend you plan a termite assessment, and trust me; it is incredibly crucial. You won’t find termite examination much costly, so there is no need to worry. Let us dig a little deeper! Here we will discover all the essential things you need to know about termites and their inspection.

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What to inspect:

The home inspector will look at the inside and outside regions of your home, checking for the most prominent indications of a termite invasion, including droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, and harmed wood. The investigator will check your baseboards, dividers, windows, unfinished plumbing spaces, entryway outlines, internal parts of cupboards, and storage rooms.

The critical inspection areas are:

Wood structures


Wood Fences

Firewood and dead wood


Mud tubes on your property

Termites in the past

Termites are teeming in your neighborhood.

Visible Wood Damage

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What Termite Inspectors Look For:

Surprisingly enough, the inspectors look for some significant features that may incorporate termites. 

Mud tubes:

Underground termites make mud tubes, and their interstates associate their homes with the wood they devour. These ways are about the width of a pencil and are specifically composed of wood and soil. Termites make these mud tubes for a few reasons. Investigators examine the wood with the earth, shield the termites from trackers, and keep them from getting dried out. Mud tubes are the most apparent sign of underground termites. So if they are not visible, don’t think that the house is independent of termites. 


Frass is no doubt the most obvious way of encountering termite droppings. Frass features tiny granular pellets customized as ovals. If there are termites in your home, there will be frass by windowsills, baseboards, and the door frames. 

Buckling paint:

Let us dig a little deeper! If there are subterranean termites, the paint in your home will peel or bubble off.  When termites damage the drywall, they will get more prominent air and moisture access, therefore, getting between the surface and the paint. What’s the result, by the way? The moisture underneath the painted surface will start to cause buckling. But wait! It is not probable that bubbling up of paint is only because of termite activity; there can be other reasons. 

Aren’t termites worse? Well, they are, and if you felt termite activity in your home, then what can you do? Consult our team to get the house inspected reliably.

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