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Trees that are invasive to your home and yard

Trees can bring beauty to your landscape but not all trees are desirable to grow in your estate. Here are the six (6) trees that are invasive to your home and yard.

Silver Maple

The Silver Maple is a very fast-growing tree but its wood is soft and weak. This tree wound easily and is prone to breakage due to its brittle branches. Silver Maple is the ugliest of all the maples and planting it in your home or yard is a bad idea especially if you live in a storm-prone area. During severe storms, the bark of this tree can break which is a risk that you wouldn’t want to take. It is also notorious for damaging sewage pipelines and even driveways due to its shallow rooting system.

Ginkgo Biloba

The ancient Ginkgo Biloba is a great tree that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and yard due to its beautiful structure. However, avoid planting the female variety because it is notorious for dropping messy and extremely stinky fruit that will never fail to damage your yard. Its fruits smell like dog poop and the female ginkgo drops it everywhere on days end during its season. The odor of this fruit is so strong that it can even enter your home which will be inconvenient for your family and visiting guests.

Bradford Pear

If the female Ginkgo Biloba drops fruits that smell like dog poops, the Bradford Pear produces blooms that smell like a rotting fish. It is a kind of tree whose beauty you would only want to appreciate in photographs. The amazingly vibrant color of this tree’s foliage is a true beauty to behold every spring. If you can not resist its beauty and really decided to have it planted in your yard, then consider getting the sterile variety that wouldn’t reproduce.

Eastern Cottonwood

The tree has a harmful rooting system and produces seeds that are cottony. It is quite dangerous to grow around your house because it is weak and unstable it can fall during severe storms. The root of this tree is shallow and prone to rot. On top of that, its cotton-like seeds fall like crazy during spring and summer. It is so sticky that you will find it difficult to clean and maintain.

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Black Walnut

This tree releases a toxic compound that is harmful to its neighboring plants. It can also cause eye and skin irritation which makes it an unsafe tree to plant in your home. If you have this tree, you would need to rake up its leaves as soon as it falls or it will kill your grass and damage your lawn with its toxicity. The nuts of this tree are also notorious for staining clothes. Contact us anytime!

Royal Empress Tree

Paulownia Tomentosa is the scientific name of this highly invasive tree. It is a fast-growing tree with a shallow rooting system that grows across the ground. The tree also produces multiple seeds that can leave your ground messy especially in the colder months. It is considered a weed because it can produce many shoots in a short span of time.

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