Roof To Floor Home Inspections

4 Point Home Inspection in Killeen, Tx

You might need to have a 4 point inspection if you have an old house as this inspection is not mandatory when you are buying a new home, but if you are living in a house for 20-30 years, it needs some look after and check-up so this inspection makes sure that your place is safe enough for you to live. This thing also helps you to have more insurance options as well in case of a satisfactory inspection report.

When you have this inspection, an inspection will check your Electric wiring and panels, HVAC, a system of plumbing, and the roof’s condition.

Inspector observes whether you have durable wiring and panels or not because Copper and Aluminum do not ensure complete safety from fire hazards. 90% of the insurance claims are of fire due to damaged wires, so insurance companies pay great attention to this area. If your house has such unsafe wiring or panels, make sure to have some upgrades to keep yourself safe. Contact us anytime to schedule your homes inspection.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning is another area which the inspector will analyze and look for damages. It is essential because it tells you what your HVAC system’s problems are and the solutions to them. You might need to upgrade or change your Air conditioning system or Ventilation to ensure your safety.

Sometimes, pipes also burst and cause the house to be flooded, though it is an unusual situation. Yet, the inspector makes sure to observe the plumbing to avoid any potential damage in the future. If your plumbing is of low quality, insurance companies usually do not include water damage in the insurance.

The inspector will intricately analyze the condition, material, and age of the roof. If your roof is older than 20 years, you might not get insurance because companies avoid giving home insurance with low ceilings. This inspection will tell you about the areas in which your house lacks, and then you can fix them quickly and apply for insurance to make sure you get one.

This inspection shows you what the problems are with your house. The inspector makes a thorough report at the end and can give you guidance to fix the issues. This inspection will show you the technical problems with your house that you could not see before it as the quality of plumbing and wires cannot be easily judged by an ordinary person. This inspection tells us that whether our old house is secure or not.

This inspection is quick and easy, and you do not have to wait for hours to let the inspector inspect the house as this will only take about 30 minutes and is usually observation-based. This inspection focuses on the main problems of an old house that might result in insurance claims. You need to get this done every 2 to 3 years if you live in an old house to determine the potential risks. Check out our other blog articles!