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In this home inspection blog article we break down a little more in detail, home inspections and specifically pool inspection. 


Pool inspection is the same thing as inspecting a house to check for any problems or issues that arise with the pool so that the buyer and the owner become aware of them. In this inspection the inspector checks for all the mechanical and other problems associated with the pool.

The inspector then tells about the current condition of the pool to the owners as well as the buyers. In this inspection, the inspectors check for all the safety issues, damages, pool hardware, and pool equipment. Here is a lookout for you that are the things that a pool inspector looks for while inspecting a pool. If you want Roof To Floor Home Inspection to send out a professional inspector please contact and schedule today (click here).

Safety of the pool

Pool inspectors look for different types of safety aspects of the pool such as whether all the electrical wirings and other electrical stuff is away from the pool or not. All the walkways that are around your pool don’t have any chance of slipping or getting tripped. They also check that there is right fencing so that any child could not fall into the pool.

Interiors of the pool

There are a few pools that have pool linings. The inspectors check that if any cracks may lead to serious issues in the coming future but not all cracks need to feature serious problems as they may be just normal. The inspector may also look for any functional or decorative tiles in the pools.

 Corrosion of saltwater

All the inspectors give more attention to the pools with saltwater and spas. Saltwater is luxurious because it does not need much maintenance. Plus you do not need much chlorine to sanitize them. But still, the presence of salt becomes a source of water corrosion.


All the inspectors check whether the pump is working properly or not. Moreover, they see if it is secured and has solid wirings. Because the pumps are an important part of the pool as these pumps are responsible for the circulation of water to filters and heaters so that you can enjoy your day in the pool.


There are many different filter types for poor performance. A filter keeps the pool sanitized and neat. If the pool lacks a filter it will become a huge mess in no time. It is an inspector’s job to see all valves leading to the filter are functioning and in place.


All the pools do not own heaters but if the pools have a heater then it is an important feature. Inspectors examine whether the heaters are working properly and are of the right size or not. .It will be a relief for you if the heater is working fine because heaters are expensive if they get damaged. Inspectors see the yard to see the quality and safety issues. The position of the entire roof gutters matters because they determine if the rainwater will fall into the pool or not.

Do you desire an effective pool inspection in your home? Here is our detailed guide and our team will help you ensure whether the pool is working efficiently or not.

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