Roof To Floor Home Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspection

Why would a homeowner want a pre-purchase inspection performed if they aren’t selling their home? 

Every homeowner plans to have a home inspection even if they are not going to sell their home. Well, why is this so? That’s because they need to know the condition of their house. Moreover, nobody buys a home without an inspection. 

It is like you plan to buy a resale car and choose it based on color without a test drive. Sounds silly, isn’t it? But wait! When buying a house, people spend hefty amounts, so homeowners always opt to go for a pre-purchase inspection before buying a home. Let us explain it briefly! 

There is always a need to get someone who can tell you perfectly what’s wrong with your home. The pre-purchase inspection allows you to locate the potential issues, and they will tell you which of the problems your attention and which can wait. Here you will make a proper decision of how many things need maintenance and what you need to do. 

Suppose when you plan for an inspection in your house, the pro will check the entire home thoroughly, telling you all the things you need to consider. Let us tell you this way! If a pro is inspecting the roof, he shall tell you how much time will make it last. Or is there any need to repair it? And you may need to renovate it in the next winter. Moreover, they will have a detailed look at the infrastructure and check for the major issues and cracks you can fix sooner, such as having mold in your basement.

They will check the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system to let you know about any significant maintenance required despite checking the basics. And you know what? If your home needs upgraded plumbing or tube wiring and a new furnace, you should consider them before making an offer. The reason is these fixes are costly. 

People are often attracted to the eye-catching floors, 10-foot ceiling, granite countertops, stainless steel things, etc. but wait! Wait! Do they look at the water damage? Or are they familiar with molds developing in the basement? Well, a big NO! They don’t see the rotting framing over the doors and windows, and not even the mortar is crumbling continuously from the exterior. We have other blog articles on similar topics here.

A reliable inspector will help you get beyond everything and see how worth considering your home will be. You will see many inspectors use thermal imaging to discover the issues such as wrong wiring, abnormal heat, and leaks.  You have to look for someone who will work only for you and will tell you truly what potential issues are there in your home. That will enable homeowners to know exactly how their home looks and the best way to treat such problems. 

If you desire to get a pre-purchase inspection, our team will help you go through it correctly. What’s the catch, by the way? You will come to know the house condition even if you don’t want to sell it. Don’t wait call our team of professionals and schedule your professional home inspection today!