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Visiting the doctor or taking the vehicle to the mechanic is the means to inspect everything alright in your body or your vehicle. Similarly, a home inspection is the means to inspect your house needs as no house is perfect.

Trust me, nowadays, all the buyers usually hire an inspector. After the inspection, the buyer can also withdraw the contract if not satisfied, which will definitely affect the house’s pending sale. Then you may have to put the house on sale in the market again. Here are some points for you to prepare your house for inspection.

Pre Sale Inspection of your home.

Two types of home inspections are there referred to as the buyer’s inspections and the seller inspections. Buyer’s inspections include when the buyer makes the offer to buy the home before closing the sale. After the inspection, the buyer may ask the seller to fix the problems between the inspection or renegotiate the offer. Sellers make inspections before listing the house to fix potential issues.

Things happen between inspections.

Typical home inspections take about some hours for average-sized homes. The report then takes about only three to four days to get completed. Home inspectors go through all the houses’ exteriors and interiors to check that there are hazardous, broken, or any defective problems with the house and the area the house is surrounding. The most common issues they look for are safety issues. Here we explain more in detail, what exactly is a complete home inspection check it out.

Be present during the house inspection.

The one scheduling the house inspection should always be there while the inspector is around to inspect the house. The inspector shall answer any question that you ask during the inspection. Then it is beneficial for you to be present in a house inspection.

The problems inspectors look for

There are a few things that an inspector is for sure to inspect during the house inspection. An inspector’s job is to assure the safety concerns, so they are there to find defects. An inspector’s main things are Water Damage, Old/Damaged Roof, Plumbing Problems, Problems with the HVAC System, Electrical System, Structural Issues, and wood destroying insect Infestation.

Prepare the house for inspection.

Prepare for inspections to avoid blemishes on the report. The inspectors almost inspect everything. Double-check the following things like the receipts of the routine services, clear clutter places such as basements, garage, and attics, etc. If you have questions call us anytime with over 30 years in the industry we are mover than happy to share our knowledge contact us today!

Ensure that the inspector HAS access to furnace, water heater, and electrical panels, locks up the pets, trim trees that touch the roof, or is close to low-hanging roof branches that may raise the possibility of giving rodents roof damage. Access to chimneys and other openings, repair broken windows, replace the HVAC system’s filters, Proactively address bugs, Cap unused fuels, chimney, and gas lines.

Pre-listing inspection

Buyers schedule the home inspection process. But some owners of the house choose to inspect the house before listing it. Pre-listing is needed only in a few cases, most probably when it makes sense. Sometimes pre-listing is a good idea, while other times it is bad.

Our inspection team will help you in reducing the effects of a pending sale.

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