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A pre sale inspection is carried out by a professional tradesperson either at the behest of an estate agent, the vacating homeowner, or an interested party, but what is a pre sale inspection, why are they important and what is the benefit in choosing to have a pre sale inspection? All your questions are answered below. Check out our other blog articles as well by following this link , or take a look at the bottom of the page.

A pre sale inspection is a thorough survey of a property before it is put on the market or sold to a new homeowner. The purpose of a pre sale inspection is to document and record any defects, faults and required repairs in a report that is written in a such a way that it is easy to understand – it lacks abstract language – so you don’t need an education in construction to decipher it. Occasionally, these reports are backed up by evidence such as videos or photographs. The report is then signed off by the tradesperson with their contact details so they can be contacted about the findings at a later date, when and if required.

Any tradesperson carrying out a pre sale inspection is a registered professional with the CIC (Construction Industry Council). Anyone who cannot provide proof of being registered with the CIC should not be hired to carry out a pre sale inspection.

So that’s the process of a pre sale inspection but now for what actually happens during a pre sale inspection. The inspection is not just focused on the interior of the building but the exterior as well. The tradesperson will walk around the property observing the walls, the floors, window frames, and more. While they are walking around inspecting the property they will be writing details down for the end of pre sale inspection report. The tradesperson will then observe radiators, pipes, and wires for any sign of defects and that will be recorded too. The most integral areas of interest will be the walls, the foundation, and the roof; the structural condition of the property.

Once the structure of the property has been evaluated, the tradesperson will then survey other aspects of the house; fuse boxes, fittings, switches, etc. It is all done to make sure the property is in good enough condition to be lived in and any serious health risks are cited as priority repairs or renovation. It is either the real estate agent, the vacating home owner, or the interested party that will cover the cost of any work that needs to be done.

The cost of a pre sale inspection varies from household to household since individual properties come in all shapes and sizes. For an estimate on a pre sale inspection, it is advisable to get a quote from local companies specifically reputed for handling pre sale inspections.

That is pretty much it. That is what, how and who in the process of a pre sale inspection. If you have any doubts about the findings in the report, get in contact with the tradesperson who undertook the survey as they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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