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Preparing your home for a home inspection

Preparing Your Home For A Home Inspection

When preparing your home for a home inspection, there are a few things you need to do to make the visit as quick as possible and as smooth as possible for the visiting inspection authority. The key to preparing your home for a home inspection is you want as few faults found as possible, so have a look at the following tips to make a detailed checklist of the things you have to do.

Make Required Areas Readily Accessible

When you are preparing your home for a home inspection, the inspecting authority isn’t going to want to go climbing over furniture or moving stored junk out of the way. Clear pathways so they can get easily through your home; empty cupboards so they can get to the fuse box effortlessly enough and spend as little time as possible fighting with distractions so they can focus on inspecting what needs to be inspected. The latter usually amounts to checking the condition of the electronics, the plumbing, the walls and the foundation, the roof and guttering, and any installed appliances. Call us anytime, we are ready to serve all your home inspection needs, we have tons of info on our home page as well.

Along with preparing the interior of the home for inspection, you also want to be preparing your exterior. Inspectors, as mentioned above, will be looking at your roof and guttering. They may also look at trees growing on your land or the condition of the driveway and boundary walls. Get your yard in tip-top shape by parking on the street, getting rid of leaves or any miscellaneous items lying around. To save a mad dash, try and get this started a few days before the inspector turns up so you can do it at a measured pace and not grind yourself down.

Labeling Fuse Boxes

When it comes to preparing your home for a home inspection, if you have fuse boxes and fuse housing without labels, go ahead and get them labeled. What’s more, specify which appliance or function the fuse powers and try not to do a hasty job of it. Get onto a local hardware store or online retailer and get red FUSE stickers. It will be much more presentable than simply scrawling on the housing or the fuse box in permanent marker or on paper and then sticking it to them – which can leave nasty adhesive marks once they’re removed. Basically, it will be less of an eyesore. Before we move on to the next tip, you can find one of our other blog articles here.

Replace Filters

If you have an inbuilt air conditioning unit or any fans that require HVAC filters, give them a thorough once over. If they are full of dust, too much to be easily removed, replace them. Like the previous steps, you want your home to be in tip-top conditions when preparing your home for a home inspection, and HVAC filters are easy to forget about – until they either stop working or they are inspected. Depending on the unit, they don’t cost much and can be purchased from hardware stores or online retailers.

Check your gutters

Before the inspector makes it round to your house, make your own thorough inspection of the gutters and roof in the final step for preparing your home for a home inspection. Get rid of any blockages or residual build-up in the guttering, make sure they are properly moored to the walls with an above decent effort (beyond using garden twine as a temporary solution), and then give them a test run by pouring water down them. When you’ve finished with the guttering, check the roof. Remove any items or rubbish that has accumulated up there since it surely does, and once you have done that, you have finished preparing your home for a home inspection.

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