Roof To Floor Home Inspections

Roof Inspection

Homebuyers are no doubt ultra-quick in noticing some visible things such as the house exterior and your front door condition. Moreover, the entire landscaping and siding along with colors are highly considered. Here a roof system doesn’t receive the attention they deserve as they play a crucial role in protecting the whole house structure. 

These inspections are vital and this is why inspectors continuously walk on the rooftops during the inspection. Well, let us take it this way! A roof provides first-line defense against lots of elements. If the roof is not well-constructed or it needs repairmen it can be incredibly costly to the homeowner. Before purchasing the buyer wants to know the roof condition and decide whether it is reliable for them to make a purchase or not. We have another article explaining more in detail the importance of pre-purchase inspections.

Generally, a home inspection includes climbing up using a ladder to walk on the roofs and examine if there are any defective areas or leaks present. It also tells them about the entire sturdiness of the structure. But wait! Is this method safe? Well NO as this method can place at a high risk of accidents leading to death. The risk increases when high winds are causing the roof to get slippery. An alternative method is used to cope with this situation. The inspectors opt to use binoculars to locate the defects and other leaks precisely and let the homeowners know if any repair is required. 

Importance of roof inspections 

The roofing elements, metals, and tiles produce an incredibly protective covering to keep the heat out during summer along with providing an insulating layer in the winter keeping the house dry during rains. Therefore a little issue with the roof will put the entire structure in jeopardy. When there is a massive leakage in the roof it is quite prominent but if there is a small drip it may get unnoticed ultimately leading to some significant damage to the home interior. 

Common roof systems offer a complete lifespan of about 18 to 20 years but if you take care of it properly it may last for an extended time. Having an inspection after some time will help you know about the roof condition in your home. That is because replacing a roof is a very expensive investment to make and there is no doubt about it. 

Defects found during the inspection 

Sealants and flashing are commonly used in many homes to prevent water from entering the home. But if the sealants are damaged and there is a lack of flashing it will ultimately result in the generation of mold and rot. If the gutter moves in the opposite direction water may fall on the roof as they are specially designed to protect the roofs. A downspout with debris and leaves can cause water to seep through the shingles resulting in damage to the entire sheathing. Therefore inspecting the roof over time will help you handle these entire situations reliably. 

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