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Inspecting the septic system

Inspecting the septic system is a need of every house. The system helps to treat the received unwanted wastewater and other materials from the system. Solids breakdown to form sludge inside the septic tank and you can filter them from the scum and effluent. Click here for one of our other blog articles. 


 When effluent is done in the tanks regularly it will drain the tank into a drain field. Here the filtration process occurs for eliminating bacteria entering the system. There must be no sludge in the system for effective results.


When to start inspecting the septic system

Let us take a closer look! Generally you can inspect the septic system at least once a year and often when you are about to sell the house. Furthermore, it will boost your house value and remove any liability problems which will happen due to lack of function. When a buyer plans to buy a house he always insists on inspecting the septic function before making a purchase. 


How can you find the septic system?

These systems work on the most vital functions underground so there is the least chance that the homeowner can have any idea regarding the location of this system in your house. But wait! It is no more a problem until it’s time to get inspection services.

There are a few places in which inspectors look for septic installations when the homeowner has no idea about it. The common places include:

The built drawing in your home must contain the septic tank location and the drawing may be held in any zoning or other local health agencies. But the old systems lack such records.

Newer tanks feature risers. And you know what? They might be visible on the surface.

The inspectors might use a metal rod to find the system location. What they have to do is to insert the rod in-ground and suspect the entire area. But the whole process must be done gently so that damage to the tank and pipes may be avoided.

It is accessible to use a metal detector if the entire components feature metal construction.

What will a septic system inspector look for?

Information regarding the previous pumping is crucial. However, the sludge level will decide whether the system needs pumping or not.

Sludgejudge or any other device will help you examine the sludge levels effectively. Sludge is present on the bottom of the tank so immediate removal is necessary for proper functioning.

Moreover, they will look at whether the system is massive enough as compared to your home size. It depends on the number of people living in the house. They will inspect whether a large tank is installed for more occupants or not.

Inspectors check the water waste that has gone through the underground surface. Here the situation becomes unsanitary along with the indication that the entire system has become overloaded.

If you cannot find the septic system installed in your house there is no need to worry. Our inspection team will help you inspect the septic system accurately. Contact us anytime to schedule your appointment, click here for our contact page.


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