Roof To Floor Home Inspections

Things home inspectors look for in your new home

Shifting to your new home? Why not go for a home inspection first to ensure the safety and reliability of the new palace. Following are the things home inspectors look for in your new residence so you can live there with utmost peace of mind! 

The first thing that should be checked in your home is the proper installation and working of the major systems. In your electrical systems, the home inspector will check for a proper power supply and make sure that everything is wired correctly. He will look for the proper in and out of the air and ensures temperature maintenance by the heating and cooling systems. Proper ventilation is required of such appliances as it prevents the buildup of dangerous gases and other risks.                                                                                                                                                  The water systems of the house are checked to make sure a proper flow and drainage. If overlooked, the damp conditions can lead to a mold buildup and ultimately health issues. Sewer scoping is performed by a specialist to detect any blockage in the pipes. The specialist will also verify the quality of taps and pipes. The home inspector will examine the quality of the material used in your sewage system and confirm the system’s reliability.

A home inspector will check the connection between the floor and the roof. They will look for the reliability and durability of the supporting material. Surely, the openings like chimneys and skylights are well flashed and free of any toxicity and dirt. In case of improper venting or maintenance, you can expect serious health problems or incidents.

While checking the wood material in your home, the specialist will inspect the furniture’s timber. The specialist would specifically examine the wood used in your doors and windows. While examining the wood, the home inspectors will particularly look for pest infestation and any insect attack the wood is prone to. Any signs of the termite’s holes or tubes are sufficient evidence of the infestation.

A inspector will make sure that the stairs are uniform and level. They will see whether there are guardrails and handrails and whether they are properly installed or not. They check the angle of the stairs too. While checking the smoke detectors, they will see whether they are properly installed or not and whether they are at the right places.

A proper plumbing system is one of the most important things home inspectors look for. He will check whether the taps are properly installed or not. They will ensure that the plumbing system is watertight and examines the fixtures, water lines, and drains. They will also perform the water pressure flow test in your pipes, looking for leaks and damages. While inspecting your plumbing systems, they will make sure that the drainage system is well established.

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