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Using Pesticides the correct way

Whether you’re trying to control dangerous diseases or keep pests away from the plants around your home, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you are using pesticides the correct way. Today we go over some things that will help you in the handling and use of pesticides. 

Follow Instructions

Before attempting to mix or use any pesticide you should always read the instructions on the label of the pesticide container. The instructions contain information on how to remain safe during the mixing and application stages, and not following them fully can be hazardous to your health – sometimes it can even be fatal. So, before you start doing anything, read and reread what the instructions say so you fully understand what they are telling you.

Remove Ignition Sources

Pesticides are highly flammable substances and some only require exposure to heat to combust. Prior to mixing any pesticides, make sure you are in a cool, well-ventilated area where the chances of exposing the pesticides to heat or flame are severely restricted. This includes not smoking cigarettes around pesticides. One heated ember of ash coming into contact with the pesticide and it could ignite. Plus, you could inhale the fumes or small particles during the mixing stage, both of which are highly toxic.

Making The Correct Usage Amount

When it comes to mixing the pesticide, use a measuring jug and only mix up the amount required as specified on the label. Mixing up twice the amount for one job will not change the end result or strengthen its effect. 

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It is highly recommended you do not create the mixture using items out of the kitchen as you can poison yourself or others. Instead, keep items specific for the task of mixing pesticides and keep them in a safe location. Also, do not eat while making the mixture as you can make yourself extremely if you accidentally ingest the fine particles.

Wear Correct PPE

Using pesticides the correct way requires some forward planning. The pesticide label usually specifies what personal protection equipment is required in the mixing and application processes but where it is absent, it is best to wear PPE anyway. Don’t ignore the label specifications for the act of convenience. It is stated to keep you safe. If the label does not specify the correct PPE to wear, you should wear non-loose or non-baggy clothing that completely covers the skin on your body. Also, wear footwear that completely covers the feet, and a dust filter facemask to prevent accidental inhalation.

It is highly recommended to remove contact lenses during the mixing process. The fine dust-like particles of pesticides can become trapped on the contact lenses and cause eye injury, even blindness.

Pesticides are easily absorbed by the skin, so when applying the mixture to the intended areas, wear nonabsorbent waterproof PPE to prevent skin irritation. Remember to always read the label for the correct PPE to be worn in all stages.

Using pesticides the correct way ensures the right results and keeps you safe all the while. 

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