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Radon Gas In your Home!

Whenever a buyer plans to buy a home, they want a complete inspection of that home before making a final decision. Let us take an example! While inspecting the home, a buyer found the wrong doors, and there are high radon levels in the house. Then? Is it going to fail the inspection? Will it be possible to eliminate it? You might think the buyer cancel the purchase due to the broken garage door. But wait! That’s not true. The high radon levels also allowed him to cancel the purchase. 

As there is a safe yet effective way to fix garage doors, there are ways to eliminate the issues caused by this gas. In many cases, you will try to find ways to enable the gas to move out of your basements or other parts of the house. Here what will homeowners do? They will opt for the remediation companies to cope with this problem and provide a workable yet permanent solution. There are maximum chances that your home will fail the inspection in this case. Generally, it also depends on the knowledge that the seller will have about these gas levels. Although it’s a buyer’s right to fail or pass a house during the inspection, he will definitely fail the inspection once he gets to know about high levels of this gas. So here you have to be careful. If you are not comfortable get in contact with an professional, Roof To Floor Home Inspection has you coverd!

Necessary things to consider about the test results

There are short-term and long-term tests when we talk about testing levels of this emission gas in a house. For any real estate, short-term tests are more reliable to get an immediate idea. Still, if you want to get a better yet effective idea about overall exposure, long-term testing is more recommended. It may take more than 100 days. You will see high gas levels during winter and in some other weather conditions. Now, what do you have to do? When you plan to purchase a house, and the test results are low, go for re-testing. That’s because in this way you will get to know that the levels are reliable every time. Many people complain about this when they are selling their home as the test comes high again. When they bought the inspector, he said the levels are not constant; they fluctuate with time. 

How will they fix the levels?

Every problem acquires a solution. The professionals install a mitigation system to fix these problems. There is no cleaning up solution for this problem as the gas constantly seeps into the house from the soil. There is a high need to stop the flow. If you want a permanent solution, only a mitigation system can help you with the entire process. That will allow you to easily remove the gas levels and sell the house according to your demands.

Radon levels are annoying, isn’t it? You must be thinking of getting rid of this gas from your house. Our inspection team will help you minimize the gas levels and provide you a pleasant environment to sell your home. Hopefully you found this information helpful, please check out our main blog page for more informational articles!