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Wood Destroying Insects In Your Home

Many home owners often live in fear of invasions from irritating wood-destroying insects, and understandably so. These types of insects can wreak havoc on furniture pieces that are indoors. Beyond that, they can do a number on the actual foundations of properties. Taking care of foundation damage can cost a hefty sum of money, too. Some examples of the notorious wood-destroying insects that pose threats to buildings of all kinds include termites, wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and, last but definitely not least, carpenter bees. If you’re looking to protect your home from extensive and considerable destruction, then it can help you to take note of indications of potential wood-destroying insect infestations. If you suspect an infestation, then you may be able to nip it in the bud rather rapidly.

Are There Wood Destroying Insects Invading Your home?

Hiring qualified professionals for home inspections can help you discover whether you have a wood-destroying infestation on your hands. There is also a handful of telling clues that you can keep in mind. Take a close look at any structures that you have that consist of wood. If you notice the presence of any tunnels, that could mean that there is an abundance of wood-destroying creatures nearby. Focus on any and all items that you have that are made out of wood, too. This includes furnishings. If you spot little openings, that’s another major clue that you shouldn’t brush off. People who have these sorts of insects in many situations come across heaps of little wings. Roof To Floor Home InspectionPay close attention to any mud-related irregularities as well. If you see tunnels that are constructed out of mud that link nests to things that are made out of wood, the existence of frustrating insects could be to blame. Termites are insects that construct mud tubes in order to maintain sufficient levels of moisture as they move from point A to B. People frequently spot these tubes any time the ground comes into direct contact with properties.

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Termite stool is another biggie to consider. People often call this stool “frass.” It’s reminiscent of sawdust. If you observe heaps of this unpleasant stuff underneath any openings that termites have created, then you basically know that you have an issue to address right away.

Imperfections that involve paint can point to wood-destroying insect hassles. Concentrate on the paint inside and outside of your home. If it’s chipping or peeling, then that could denote a wood-destroying insect dilemma that’s pressing.

It’s no huge shocker that wood damage points to problems that involve these sorts of persistent insects. If you gaze at your beloved furniture items and realize that they no longer look as flawless as they did before, wood-destroying insects could be the culprits.

There may be things that you can do to keep these creatures at bay. Lack of ventilation can sometimes draw in these insects. If you strengthen your ventilation, you may be able to minimize your problem. Contact us anytime for all of your home inspections needs!

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